We serve our residents by providing them with quality care.

woman hugging to senior woman

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide older adults with a place to stay healthy as they continually age. Our facility maintains an atmosphere of peace, safety, comfort, and kindness to sustain our residents’ overall well-being.

Pine Manor Home Personal Care is a care home facility based in York, Pennsylvania. We welcome residents from the entire state. The company started with two simple ideas — empathy and passion. We believe that in combining these two ideas, we’re able to produce quality and appropriate care home services that best fit our residents’ needs. We are confident that, through this approach, we maintain a goal-driven reputation.

Each individual is unique, as well as, each of our residents is unique. To deliver the right service they need, we make sure that we understand their individual conditions and health issues. This way, we can put ourselves into the shoes of the people we serve. Our empathy and passion toward our residents and their families are what make us a distinguished care facility.

To learn more about our company, please contact us at 717-764-2989.